Air Ambulance Services in Singapore

Even in this digital age, only there are a few hospitals available in the world that can provide specialized care. But taking the patient to these medical facilities within the least amount of time is a big challenge. Air ambulance service is handling this big challenge with ease.

Now you can take the patient to any hospital in the world within a few hours. In a medical emergency, life needs full support whether you are on the ground or in mid-air. The Air Ambulance Services of Lakshya Rescue has a high level of expertise in taking care of critical patients.

Type of Medical supports Air Ambulance offer

The air ambulance is not an ordinary flight. This aircraft is specially modified to carry critical patients. Here are some medical supports you will find in an air ambulance.

  • Medical experts

Every air ambulance flight carries medical experts for emergency support to the patient. It includes a qualified doctor and nurse. The medical experts have special visa arrangements. So they can provide full support to the patient till the hospital bed.

Air Ambulance Services in Dubai does fly regularly to multiple destinations with patients. Some of these patients go to different hospitals in Europe and America. During the flight, the doctor checks different health status of the patient and take appropriate steps to secure the patient’s life.

  • Respiratory support

Many patients may find some respiratory difficulty during flight. Their present illness can enhance the respiratory problem. All air ambulances carry dedicated oxygen cylinders and respiratory apparatus for these types of patients. In an emergency doctor and nurse will assist the patient wear the respiratory apparatus for ease of breathing.

  • Emergency medicines & medical equipment

All Lakshya Rescue air ambulance flights are equipped with multiple medical pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment are including a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, etc. Doctors also carry blood thinner, pain medication, and other medicines for emergencies. According to the medical condition of the patient they give proper emergency support.

  • Blood transfusion

Along with respiratory support, all Air Ambulance Services in Singapore are prepared with blood transfusion support. Doctors will carry on the emergency blood transfusion if the patient loses an excessive amount of blood on the flight due to any illness or trauma. Onboard, you will find a small refrigerator with multiple groups of blood.

Benefits of using Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Services can transport the patient most safely possible. They are known for their fast service. All aircrafts used for air ambulance services are rigorously checked for safety. The pilots of these aircraft are also highly experienced. Therefore, they can take the patients to different hospitals around the world swiftly.

Along with the aircraft, the Air Ambulance Services in Srilanka also provides ground ambulances. These ambulances take the patient from the airport to the hospital. So the patient doesn’t have to wait for any second longer at the airport for another medium of travel. All of these fast services are for the patient’s well-being and everyone on the air ambulance team understands the value of every second.

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