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Lakshya Rescue is the best air ambulance services provider in India and serves the world’s best medical patients exchange Service.

We give exchange administrations to emergency medical emergency patients with full medicinal facilities. The Emergency administrations of Lakshya Rescue Ambulance are currently likewise accessible in Delhi/NCR and All Cities of India. We also Provide air ambulance services world-wide like- USA, UK, UAE, Bangladesh etc. You can securely transfer your critical Patient.

We also give the best medical specialist and paramedic group during the transfer of your patients. Which are all around patients consistently? You should the advantages of the service of Emergency Charter Air Ambulance to your patients which are accessible at a low cost.

Our Best Services

Our most vastest scope of the tried and true ambulance services is accessible round the clock. You can avail our benefit 24×7 services and support.

Air Ambulace

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance is one of the fastest and most advantage emergency services in which the serious patients are shifted within at the least moment with the full set up of ICU theatre under the supervision of the very expert medical team having the basic to advanced life supporting emergency all set of equipment.

Standby Assistance

In some cases each second mean sparing a life. Our ambulance for events benefit is here to ensure your participants and members, giving brisk reaction and imperative life support when the time is of the substance! When you are choosing whether progressed or essential life support is better for your event.

Stand by assistance

Road Ambulance

Lakshya Rescue provides Road Ambulance benefit in Mainly Delhi-NCR. We have a major armada of road ambulance contains vans, transports fitted with present day ICU and Life supporting framework. Our ambulances are accessible in AC and NON-AC variation reasonable for short and long separation.

Train Ambulance

Our Emergency Services is one of the fastest administrations and most dependable bed to bed ICU office suppliers in Delhi to different urban areas like-Patna-Bangalore-Mumbai-Kolkata-Hyderabad or even all around in India with full ICU setups under the best and long time experienced therapeutic group.

Train Ambulance Services
stretcher in flight

Stretcher In Commercial Flight

If you are looking for stretcher commercial flight then Lakshyarescue is one of the best suitable options for you. We take care of patient privacy and comfort during transportation on a national and international flight. The stretcher area is specially designed for patient comfort and easy with full luxury facilities.

Emergency Ambulance Services

Lakshya Rescue provides Road Ambulance benefit in Mainly Delhi-NCR. We have a major armada of road ambulance contains vans, transports fitted with present-day ICU and Life supporting framework. Our ambulances are accessible in AC and NON-AC variation reasonable for short and long separation. Call us today for more information.

Emergency services


Here you can see my Train Medical Transportation, Air Ambulance and Road Ambulance Service Pics Gallary which is taken with patient & medical assistance and during transportation on Airport and Railway station.

Air Ambulance

Train Medical

Road Ambulance

Medical Assistance

Domestic Flights
Medical Escorts

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"Hey, I’m Monika Sharma from Patna; Once My Grand Mom is in serious condition and needs urgent transportation to Delhi AIMS; I got Lakshya rescue number through Google Search and Call the team for emergency Air Ambulance. The Lakshyaresuce’s Team assists us quickly and arranges the Air Ambulance in a hurry and in this way; we could reach Delhi at the time and take admit in AIMS. So thanks team to provide such a nice service for us."
Monika Sharma
Monika Sharma
Software Engineer
"Last month I got injured in a road accident in Bhopal (MP). In the urgency case, we call the ambulance through Laksyarescue. The staff helps us a lot in serious time. So I would like to say thanks guys to help us in emergency time."
Kamalesh Pathak
Kamlesh Pathak

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Get Your Own Reliable Ambulance Service Anytime & Anywhere, That You Can Trust 24*7 Emergency.

Air Ambulace

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If you are looking for Air Ambulance Services in India, Train Medical Transportation in India and Road Ambulance Services in India then contact us 24*7 on the below contact number and address.

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Air/Train Ambulance Service India

Lakshya rescue is one of the leading air and train ambulances present in India which is considered to be the most economical ambulance that helps you to provide emergency services wherever the patients belong. All the air and train ambulance provided by Lakshya rescue has been supervised by had a professional doctor and are well equipped with other technicians and pharmacist that will help to take care of patients living with the help of supporting piece of equipment. So if you are looking for the best air and train ambulance in India then you must consider lakshya rescue for the same. They are known for delivering the patients from one hospital to another Hospital according to the need and requirements made by their relatives and family members.

Lakshya rescue air and train ambulance have good connectivity to Different cities of India via their train ambulance and air ambulance services that is why they provide affordable booking charges and are known for shifting plenty of patients to their desired hospitals. They adopt a very convenient and easy mode of transferring serious patients by taking proper care of them. After considering the strength of the patient to shift Lakshyarescue will try to shift patients and deliver most emergency services with the help of air and train ambulance services in India. They are having a lot of satisfied clients who have full faith in their services and they fully trust their services so they always look for Lakshyarescue for booking whenever any emergency arrives.

Being the best air and train ambulance in India, Lakshyarescue is well equipped with ICU theatre and other important equipment in their train and also has AC compartments with ALS and BLS facilities for the betterment of the patients. In their train and air ambulance, they are having a team of qualified paramedical technicians and doctors who are always there to oversee the patients whenever any problem arrived during transferring of patients from one place to another. Besides these 1 MD doctor is always available on phone in case any emergency arrives then he will be able to observe the condition of the patient.

Lakshya rescue air ambulance services

Different people are suffering from different medical conditions available in many parts of the nation where they needemergency services to save their lives.Lakshyarescue’s air ambulance services will address this need and be known for providing emergency medical help to the people who are in need and having them transfer to far cities from where they are currently living for medical treatment. The air ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue has extended over smaller cities and towns including Surat, Kakinada, Dibrugarh, Madurai, Mysore, Vizag, Lucknow, Trichy to the big cities including Hyderabad, ItaNagar, Delhi, Sikkim, Bangalore, Chennai, Siliguri, Mumbai etc.

All of the air ambulance provided by Laksh rescue is well equipped and maintained with the full-fledged medical crew and advanced equipment and has been operated under prehospital care and follow all the protocols to address any virgin see which make arrived at critically ill patients on the way to transfer to their new place. For various years Lakshya rescue has been in this air ambulance market and is known for delivering emergency services to the whole country. For various years Lakshya rescue is there for providing emergency and needy services to the patients who required emergency treatment and need to transfer to a new hospital as soon as possible with all medical care. Due to their dedicated services, they now have a steady increase in the number of patients who are ready to get emergency services from Lakshya rescue and get themselves transferred with their ambulance services. To provide the most reliable and best services to their patient this company has made partnered with different aviation companies for providing the most reliable air ambulance services to the patients. It has been estimated that Lakshya rescue provides its transfer services of around 150 patients in a year.

The helicopters provided by Lakshya rescue are not like normal helicopters because these helicopters are well built exclusively for providing transporting emergency services to the victim’s poster. They are well equipped with the medical crew use advanced Technologies and also have a qualified team of doctors so that they will be able to take care of the patient on the way to transfer. They are having a set of a qualified and trained physician and other paramedical staff who have been specifically trained to provide air evacuations. This professional team of staff are present in all of their air transport. The air ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue is known for supporting a different kind of emergency patients and accident that include paediatric patients as well.

To provide emergency services to critical patients the air ambulance is well equipped with all the life-saving equipment and they are known for delivering the most serious patients as well. They will be able to shift by using Lakshya rescue’s air ambulance services. They are having a wide range of networks and apart from providing emergency services to the patients, they are also known for transporting dead bodies from one place to another. With the introduction of Lakshya rescue ambulance services, it has extended its network and provided emergency services to the people who are living across Central, south and north India.

How to avail the air ambulance services

  • Firstly to take our emergency ambulance services you need to call our toll free number and you need to provide primary and useful information regarding the emergency of transferring the patient.
  • Now in the next step paramedical staff need to assess the medical condition of the patient by asking some questions and also on call they provide first aid advice to manage the patient accordingly till our rescue team will arrive there to help.
  • In the next step, our experienced doctor aur paramedical staff improve the mode of transportation for transferring the patients and also provide a lead to the emergency dispatch management unit.
  • Now our ground ambulance will arrive and provide on-site primary medical care and try to transfer or shift the patient to the nearest hospital so that it will be able to help to preserve the golden hour of the patient.
  • Now in the next step ground ambulance will be able to transfer the emergency seeker to the predetermined Helicopter Landing zone.
  • Now with the help of air ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue the patients will be brought to the nearest hospital for providing immediate care from the closest landing zone.
  • Now in the next time, you need to pay the cost of air Ambulance Service to the service provider according to per hour basis.

#1 Air & Train Ambulance

Lakshyarescue will be known to provide train ambulance services also along with air ambulance services and the facilities provided by them is available to every part of the nation. We are having a qualified team of professionals and our attendants are always available at the location where we need to pick the emergency seeker patient. In our train ambulance services, we are having staff who will be able to oversee and monitor the patient to provide the best medical care to them until he or she reaches the destined Hospital. We are having our train ambulance which is well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and advanced techniques which can provide the proper environment to the patient whenever they required any emergency during transferring. We choose our medical staff according to the critical condition and need to be required by the patient. Our well-equipped team of medical staff are so friendly that will help you to provide the right assistance to reach your destination and help you in every step. Our patients admire our services because we provide credibility, punctuality and reliability in our services.

We have started this mission by providing train ambulance services so that we will be able to serve something towards society and be able to save someone’s life.We are known for providing a comfortable smooth and worry-free environment to our patients. We are known for providing train ambulances from any city bed to bed patient transfer to any other City.

We are known for providing all emergency services to our patients in train involvement as our motto is to transfer the patient comfortably to their desired destination. Our train is also having an AC coach ranging from AC first-class to AC 2nd class to AC 3rd class. Depending upon your affordability and comfortness you can choose any coach for transferring the patient from one place to another. We are also well equipped with different types of equipment including cardiac monitor infusion pump, ventilator, oxygen cylinders, suction pumps and all other ICU equipment.

In our train ambulance services we also provide one experience doctor and to medical person as well as one paramedical staff who will always be there to oversee the patient along the way. We are known for providing a fully ICU environment for our patients in the train ambulance so that if any emergency arrived they will be able to treat it and safely reached their destination. Also, the charges provided and offered by lakshya rescue are very affordable so that middle-class people can also afford and be able to save the life of their near and dear ones. That is why the services offered by Lakshya rescue train ambulance services are very economical and considered to be the right services provided to patients. Moreover, a train ambulance is considered to be the safest mode of transportation for the patient from one place to another.

Best Train & Air Ambulance India?

  • First of all, the most important factor that motivates you to choose for train ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue is its cost which is considered too much less expensive than any other train ambulance services provided by different service providers for long-distance ground transportation of the patients.
  • We are known for providing a stress-free environment to the patient and are well equipped with medical staff and other Technology so that the patient will be able to travel without posing much stress and be able to get emergency services whenever the need arises.
  • All the patients who are transported from rail ambulance services are escorted by a trained and professional medical team of doctors and paramedical so that they will be able to oversee the patients along the way.
  • Moreover, the train ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue is much safer than the road transportation as there is a risk-free environment provided by us to the patient along with the dedicated team of medical staff.
  • Along with regular patients, all those patients who are on high oxygen demand or ventilator and considered to be critically ill can easily be transferred by our train ambulance services. And if you talk about its cost then it is considered to be much cheaper than any other mode of transport of patients.

Why choose us for Train & Air Ambulance?

Let’s discuss some of the salient features provided by Lakshya rescue that helps you to opt for air and train ambulance services provided by them.

  • We are known for providing a total bed to bed services to our clients.
  • During the transfer of the patient from one place to another we are having a channel of the medical team of staff who are connected to oversee the patient.
  • We are known for providing reliable services at a very affordable cost.
  • We are providing 24/7 services and that is why you can call us anytime whenever an emergency arrives.
  • We send our medical team along the way which is well equipped with Para Medical technicians, MD doctors and other equipment.
  • At the time of booking, we tell actual cost and there is no hidden charges or extra charges involved after booking of air or train ambulance from us.