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India is becoming healthcare hub as the tourism industry witnesses a robust growth. From USA to Europe patients for all over the world are finding their way to India. If you are looking for air ambulance Sri Lanka Colombo to India, then you should dial us.

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Why should you choose our Air Ambulance service in Sri Lanka?

Accredited and equipped service: We are a Colombo Air Ambulance services that is accredited for aero-medical transportation. We have a range of flights that includes jets, turboprop, helicopter and commercial flights. All our flights are designed to give utmost comfort and care during the fly. We make sure that patients are given the right care while they are transported to hospitals.

Be it AIIMS Delhi or Seven Hills hospital in Mumbai, we as the reputed Air ambulance services in Sri Lanka can carry you to all the major hospitals in the country

Matchless care and treatment: We make user that all our clients fly in the constant expert observation. For that reason we have a team of nurses, doctor and paramedics who are trained in critical care. We asses each patient’s needs and give them the right care after analysis of their condition.

Our airbuses are equipped with highly advanced life support system and they act as ICUs. We make sure that we provide the right medicines and medical supplies during the transition.

Robust network and ground support system: We are one of the most preferred air ambulance services from Colombo make a system that we provide ground support in the major cites that includes Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and other cities. We have a strong network and a vast database of ground support providers in the country.

Medical assistance: We are utterly sure that clients have this conditioned response to emergency situations, at this kind of situations often clients are not in a good state of mind to make the perfect decision. Therefore, we offer them assistance as far as the choice of hospital, doctor consultation and treatment packages are concerned.

A philosophy that goes beyond the idea of excellence: We as the most preferred service provider make sure that we act with a sense of urgency and compassion. We understand the fact that we deal with a sensitive situation where emotions are fragile and agile.Hence, we have trained our staffs to in a humane manner.

For us, life is more important than everything else in the world. Therefore, we offer the most professional and compassionate service to our patients.

Best Air Ambulance Services Provider in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for the best air ambulance services provider in Srilanka, then you should consider our service. We would love to act fast and quickly, all you need to do is to call us and book your ambulance. We have a robust system in place to answer and send vehicles.