Air Ambulance Service Bangkok

Where to Look for Reliable & Affordable Air Ambulance Service in Bangkok

The use of air ambulance services in Bangkok for patient’s dates back to World War I, but there has been a dramatic expansion in its role in the recent past. Nowadays ambulance planes are being widely used to transport patient over long distance and travel time must be minimal taking into consideration the urgency of the situation.

Looking for air ambulance service in Bangkok? Your search ends with Lakshya Rescue. We provide impeccable range of exchange administration services to emergency medical patients with full medical facilities. We make sure to transfer your critically ill patient with acute care and concern at an affordable price.

Emergency Air Ambulance Services

Private emergency air ambulance in Bangkok to India

Our private emergency air ambulance in Bangkok to Indiaprovides the patient with fastest means to medical help. They also have the capability to reach inaccessible airports which is otherwise impossible during emergency situations. The biggest advantage is speedy transfers.

Minimal Travel Time

Transferring a critically injured or ill patient from one destination to another as fast as possible seems impossible especially when the destination is hundred miles away or you have to cross one or two countries. With us, you don’t have to worry. Our private air ambulance in Thailand to India flies at nearly the speed of sound and high altitude. This means that the patient will reach the destination as soon as possible.

Trained medical staff

All our air ambulance jets have respective skilled and trained medical staff to take care of the patient en route. The team comprises of board certified paramedic and respiratory healthcare provider, nurse and physician. Our highly skilled team is expert in providing the highest care possible to the patient during the flight mission.

Dedicated medical equipment

All our air ambulances are properly equipped with specialized and latest technology based medical equipment required for critical care and advanced life support. The dedicated medical equipment provides the best possible monitoring and treatment of patients during their journey onboard.

Experienced flight crew

Being the renowned provider of private air ambulance service Thailand, our flight crew possesses necessary experience and skills to successfully fly aircraft that has been dedicated for medical air transportation. Our flight crew can efficiently interact and communicate both with the medical team as well as airport personnel to ensure a smooth flight journey for the patient and his family.

Medical Assistance Ambulance

Emergency Air Ambulance Services in Bangkok to India

Emergencies knock at the door without warning. They happen when you least expect them. And also they do not always occur at places accessible by road. In any case, time is always the essence. This is where Lakshya Rescue comes into play to be your lifesaver. Our mission is to provide tried and true air ambulance services Thailand which are accessible round the clock. Rescuing a life is just one call away. Our Emergency Charter Air Ambulance is available 24*7 at a lower cost.