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Lakshya rescue is a top notch company that is known for offering emergency ambulance medical services in different parts of our country, India.  As our name suggests, Lakshya means goal and rescue means to save, we have the main objective to save a life whenever needed.

We strive forward to fulfill the needs of each and every patient during emergency situations. We offer premium patient transfer through an air ambulance, train ambulance, ground level ambulance transfer and much more. We are known for our high care standards as well as for finest management.

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Servicing Air Ambulance Services Chandigarh

Our service of air ambulance in Chandigarh is available at cheap prices. You can call us as the trustworthy and reputed service providers of an air ambulance. Our reliable ambulance services create a hassle-free moment and within the deadline, we guarantee the patient transfer in your recommended hospital, located in any part of India.

Our company Lakshya rescue is doing wonders when it comes to aviation ambulance service. We can shift every patient from one city to another and in between this transfer, we offer all the facilities that are best required for a patient who is even in a critical situation. You can also avail our air ambulance Chandigarh to Delhi at low prices.

Guarantee budget-friendly services

Our availability of life care medical support in air ambulance also makes us stand apart and ahead from others. If you will take our service of air ambulance from Chandigarh to Mumbai, you will be guaranteed with experienced staff, quality services, 100% transparency and professional safe hands.

Looking For train medical transportation services in Chandigarh?

We are also the leading service provider of train medical transportation services in Chandigarh. Many of the benefits are associated with our train ambulance services. We offer all these services in the super-fast train so that there are no delays. The key benefits of our rail ambulance services include,

Cheap prices: The trains are quite affordable and our ambulance transfer on the train can also fit well your budget.

Lifecare support: Our train ambulance is spacious enough where you can find the train’s coach fitted well with the respirator, portable pacemaker, suction pump, ventilator, portable power supply, the CPR machines, and many more life support services.

Our train medical transportation services can fulfill all your emergency medical transportation needs under the set budget. You will not find any hidden or extra cost involved at any point of the patient’s evacuation.

Road Ambulance Services

Reasons why you should choose us for ambulances services in Chandigarh?

There are several key reasons which state why you should take up our ambulance service in Chandigarh. This includes,

  • All our medical ambulance transfers for emergency situations like a train, air, on-road and all others are well-equipped with the MICU, ICU and CCU equipment for easy transfers.
  • You can find the experienced and advance staff that can guarantee you hassle-free ambulance services in India.
  • We can promise you budget-friendly road ambulance service in Chandigarh.
  • All our services are quick and we charge fair prices for the same. There is no hidden cost involvement.

You can call us anytime to book our emergency ambulance service. We are 24 x 7 ready to help you out.