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Air ambulance in Guwahati Service Offers Life Saving Tools in Aircraft

No one should take risk of one’s life. If you witness any health or medical emergency, then call Lakshya Rescue for ambulance service. A quick ambulance service can save a person’s life. It can even overcome the death situation of the person.
Our services follow a large network of both road and air ambulance service. Our ambulances travel all around the nation. Air ambulance in Guwahati service offers high-end medical support.

Book Our Air Ambulance Services Guwahati to Delhi

We recruit a technically advanced team with all kinds of equipment of life-saving. If you want service of Air Ambulance Guwahati to Delhi, then our staffs are quick to respond to your call. You will get all the advanced tools in our aircraft with trained professionals.
On the way, the patients will get medical support from these professionals. To tackle any emergency situation, we are here to provide a direct and quick response. We provide both large and small aircraft and we have permission to land in most of the airports.
Our aircraft can carry patients, nurses and doctors in Air Ambulance from Guwahati to Mumbai. We also maintain a database of aviation, surface and medical information of transport all around the globe. Also, we maintain an inventory of medical devices and medicines.

Medical Assistance Ambulance

Benefits of train ambulance service in Guwahati

The patients can travel in a stress-free environment. The experienced medical professionals transport the patients from one destination to another. Train medical transportation Services in Guwahati is affordable compared to an air ambulance.
Our service depends on the schedule of Indian Railways and the availability of seats. We need at least 24-48 hours for the activation of AC rail ambulance. Consider our Train ambulance in Guwahati when you want rail medical escort service.

Know about road ambulance service Guwahati

Our Road ambulance service in Guwahati offers quick service. We have trained staffs like nurses, medical escorts, doctors and drivers. We know that a slight delay can cause huge loss of life. So, we offer smart booking system with the fastest approach.
All our vehicles are well equipped with medical devices and supports. It helps the patients to get immediate life support during any medical emergency. In our vehicles, we keep drugs and medicines in stock.
We also provide advanced life support to critical patients. We have an incubator, a ventilator for the patients. Our staffs dedicate their lives to offer high-degree of comfort and care.
Lakshya Rescue is a one-stop destination for the ambulance services by air, road or rail. We never compromise in the quality of work. We offer affordable solutions to all the clients.
When a person is in life and death situation, we believe in quick response. Our response team works 24×7 in respond to your call. It helps us to take actions immediately. It also gives us the courage to save lives.
Even if you cannot pay the price at a medical emergency, we do not deny the service to the needy. We are open to negotiation on the rates. It is not about making money, but we love lives and want to save them during an emergency and that’s why we are in this business.

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