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Lakshya Rescue is the leading service provider of clinical care, patient advocacy and safety across the ambulance industry. We work together with the best facilities for ensuring we are the extension of protocols and clinical standards.

Our unique relationship with the premium healthcare services in the nation allows for delivering the high-end class services to the patients around. Apart from our quality emergency services, the air ambulance services Ahmedabad safety team transport the patients around the world.

We deliver unparalleled patient care at low costs. We offer cheap and reliable domestic and international ambulance services in India. You can call us as the dependable ambulance service provider has been servicing this industry for years.

Emergency Air Ambulance Services

Quality aviation Air ambulance services in Ahmedabad

If you need a trustworthy air ambulance services Ahmedabad to Mumbai, then contact Lakshya Rescue today which is a popular name in the field of the aviation services of air ambulance in India?

If you are also looking out for hiring an air ambulance in Mumbai or Ahmedabad, then you can gain a quick helicopter ambulance service from us. Many people enjoy this great benefit of transferring patients by air and have obtained the most reliable and precious service of air ambulance from the company.

Easy transportation

The cost-effective emergency ambulance services in Ahmedabad are promised by us where our experienced professionals offer the best help. We can shift any patient from one city to another in India and we provide great support and care.

Due to these reasons, many people have attained significant opportunities for meeting their needs of air ambulance services around. If you are looking for the cheapest mode of transportation that can work as an ambulance during emergency needs, then train ambulance services in Ahmedabad can fulfill your needs.

Our rail emergency ambulance services are less expensive than the air ambulance and offer long-distance transportation on the ground. All the arrangements and details are managed by our specialists that help in patient transport.

International Air Ambulance Services

Advanced technology equipment in Train Ambulance Services

Our medical escorts are 24 x 7 available to assist you with the medications, hygiene, meals, maneuverability and complete care aspects. We can offer you a great fleet of train ambulance which is furnished well with a comprehensive series of advanced technology.

No matter whether you are facing the issue of behavioral health disorder, neurological injury, minor ambulatory issue or an orthopedic issue, call our experts right away. With our train medical transportation in Ahmedabad, our patients travel in a stress-free environment.

Latest ICU equipment

The patients transported through rail ambulance are escorted by medical professionals. Based on our railway schedules and seat availability, you need 24 activation minimum. Our on-ground ambulance is well-equipped with CCU and the latest ICU equipment.

The range of ICU equipment available is of high quality and you can also find the suction pump, respirator, ventilators, and nebulizers too. We have an amazing satisfied customers list that was overwhelmed in availing of our emergency ambulance services.

Contact us today as our qualified team of nurses, doctors, and other medical staff can help you with the best emergency ambulance services.