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How Diligently Lakshya Rescue Air Ambulance Service Saves Lives

Over the past two decades, the health infrastructure of India has developed substantially. Whether it is normal health checkups or critical care, treatment in Indian is very low. However, the quality of the treatment is comparable to European countries. Hence, many people from different parts of the world are coming to India with medical visas for treatment.

Air Ambulance Service Chennai is an emergency medical service that can bring any critically ill patient to India for better treatment. This service will make plans of necessary safety arrangements for the patient during travel and they will ensure fast arrival of the patient to the hospital.

  • Advantages of Air Ambulance Service for critical care
  • Special bed

All air ambulances available from Lakshya Rescue are fitted with a special bed or stretcher that will secure the patient during travel. This bed ensures the comfort of the patient during travel. There is a special type of seat belt present on this bed, which keeps the patient secure in turbulence.

  • Medic

Every aircraft used for critical patient transport comes with a trained medic or nurse. These people know how to handle the patient in an emergency. The medic of an air ambulance is specially trained for giving oxygen, blood, medicine, IV, etc. Under their expert observation, patients can travel long distances without any problem.

  • Medicine and equipment

Every aircraft of the Air Ambulance Service UK, carry necessary medicine and medical equipment on the aircraft. So, in case of an emergency, the patient will get full medical support on the aircraft. The aircraft also carries oxygen cylinders and blood for the patient.

  • Trained pilot

Air Ambulance planes are flown by trained pilots who understand the value of every second for critical care. Hence, they are very strict on time and they will never delay the flight for the patient. These pilots also have the necessary visas for this type of flight.

  • Why Lakshya Rescue is the best Air Ambulance service?

Lakshya Rescue is a renowned name in the air ambulance world. Multiple factors have made this Air Ambulance service one of the best in the world. This air ambulance service has multiple chartered planes, which are equipped with specialized stretcher beds.

Along with a stretcher bed, each plane features necessary medical equipment and medicines. In every flight, you will find a professional medic and trained pilot. These professionals are there to help the patient in every emergency and give medical support if necessary.

  • Cost of Air Ambulance service

Air Ambulance Cost is a little bit more than a chartered flight. It is because; air ambulance is a dedicated service where you need to book a plane for a single patient. The air ambulance also sends dedicated medic and other necessary support with the patient.

Air ambulance service also offers dedicated ambulance at the airport. These ambulances drive very fast and take the patient directly to the hospital. For this reason, the patient can get the right treatment in the hospital without any delay. Thanks to their prompt service, countless lives of critically ill patients have been saved till now.