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Traveling across the globe might be something you love but things can go wrong anywhere. You might find yourself caught in emergency health issues and want to get back your home country or medical facility as soon as possible and at that point, you might need Muscat air ambulance services and that should be us.

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Why should you hire Muscat Air Ambulance Services at

Accredited air ambulance service: We offer accredited and certified air ambulance services in Muscat with a team that is certified for the medical transportation system. We offer a range of fleets that includes turboprop, seaplane jets and helicopters. We would assign you the right kind of flight based on the terrain and situation.

Medical Escort and Emergency Flights: Lakshya offers medical escort and emergency flights on the pre-booked commercial flights for the patients who are in need. Our medical escort team accompanies the patients to offer critical care throughout. We offer emergency air ambulance from Muscat to India and across the globe.

Our medical escorts carry medical supplies, life support devices; administer medical treatment to observe the patients.

Our standard air medical flight escort team includes doctors and nurses with experience in critical care along with paramedics. We offer both intensive care and critical care (ICU/CCU) service along with Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Doctors Appointment and Hospital Booking Service: We are well networked with the best medical facilities across the globe. We offer doctor booking and assistance service. Our team is highly skilled at getting the right doctors into action. They can easily and quickly book appointments.

We can also help you in getting the right treatment axis across the globe. It is our proactive approach that makes us the best air ambulance services in Oman. We first look at your treatment needs and identify your exact requirements and then help you in getting the right service.

The following are the services that we offer

  • Free Doctor Consultation
  • Super Specialty Treatment
  • Visa Assistant
  • End to End Medical Care
  • Hospitalized Assistant

An ideology that makes us passionate: Undoubtedly we are technically advanced and skillful but that are not only things that matter. In fact, we believe that life is soft, tender and beautiful and it must be taken care of. Therefore, we train our staffs to imbibe compassion, love and care and that is our psychological structure and that drives our passion and action.

Medical Assistance Ambulance

We also offer helicopter emergency medical service Muscat

If you are looking for helicopter emergency medical service Muscat, then call us and we would love to get you the perfect service, we make sure that we act fast and mindfully. We understand the fact that life demands us to be careful and for that reason we are always alert and aware.Call us now if you have an emergency.