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Air Ambulance Services in Tirupati Are Transforming the Region’s Healthcare Network

In the recent past, the emergency medical service sector in India has evolved significantly owing to the efforts of the government. This has significantly improved the infrastructure and upgraded the skill sets of the paramedics. One such initiative is the introduction of an air ambulance service. In literal terms, it is an aircraft which is used for quick response in areas lacking in emergency medical assistance.

Why should you choose us for Train ambulance in Tirupati?

Out of millions of people in India on an average 42,800 people die each year due to sudden cardiac arrest. The government together with some private organizations have taken a good initiative of introducing service of air ambulance service and train medical transportation services in Tirupati and other states across the to help the deprived section of the society.

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Why air ambulance services in Tirupati

There are many states, cities and districts across the nation where there is no accessibility to even the regular road ambulance service in Tirupati. In such cases, it is recommended to use air ambulance. Lakshya Rescue specializes in providing the world’s best medical patients exchange service.

We specialize in providing all types of ambulance services ranging from train ambulance in Tirupati to air ambulance services across the globe. They have proved to be bliss in the life of a patient for it safeguards the person from death who has recently met with an accident or any life-threatening medical emergency.

Facilities of an air ambulance in Tirupati to Delhi

Apart from functioning as a traditional air ambulance Tirupati to Delhi, our air ambulance comprises of all the required medical equipment like ECG, medicine (first aid kit), ventilators, stretchers etc. Our air ambulance service can transport patients suffering from severe trauma or heart attack or life threatening medical emergency to an advanced healthcare facility in no time thus saving the precious life.

Air ambulance from Tirupati to Mumbai

Air ambulance from Tirupati to Mumbai is a boon to a patient who is suffering from chronic disease and does not have access to the medical facility in the vicinity, or maybe it’s a case of organ transplant. The added advantage of this facility is that it provides guaranteed care at the scene of the emergency and improves the access to trauma centres that provide emergency care.

There are patients whose condition may worsen while transporting especially if the journey is of long distance. Very often time is not in favor and air ambulance in Tirupati can be of great help to prevent such life taking risks. Moreover, the skilled team of medical personnel aboard the air ambulance assists the patients in the best possible manner.

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Lakshya Rescue provides reliable and trustworthy air ambulance service in Tirupati to major states and cities across the nation. Our main aim is to transport the patient quickly and in a convenient manner. Air ambulance is undoubtedly a viable option if the patient needs to be transferred at a faraway place. Most of the services are taken care of by the central control room that remains active 24*7*365. Regardless, it is a scheduled transfer or emergency patient transfers, our impeccable range of services are quick, effective and affordable.