What is an Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulances are specially equipped aircraft carefully designed with a stretcher in 6 place of a portion of passenger seating. Patients remain under the watchful eye of a highly trained medical crew. They will provide specialised medical equipment, a full assortment of patient specific drugs and medications to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of you or your loved one. Additional seating is available to allow family members to accompany patient on flight. “You can also say it is like flying intensive care units”.

Who needs an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are effective when the patient needs to travel long distance and they clue to the stress and security issues associated with commercial airports will benefit need specialized medical care. In addition, the elderly who cannot travel commercially from our air ambulance service.

Can you take patients anywhere?

Yes, our air ambulances provide air ambulance transfers domestically and Cr internationally to all continents of the world.

Can you provide International Air Ambulance evacuations?

Yes, we provide air ambulance transfers domestically and internationally to all continents of the world. We have an in-depth partner qualification process that allows us to provide strategically located aircraft and medical teams to control cost and provide professional service for your patient, while maintaining the highest level of medical care, nearest to the patient.

How to avail the air ambulance services?

Firstly to take our emergency ambulance services you need to call our toll free number and you need to provide primary and useful information regarding the emergency of transferring the patient.

Now in the next step paramedical staff need to assess the medical condition of the patient by asking some questions and also on call they provide first aid advice to manage the patient accordingly till our rescue team will arrive there to help.

In the next step, our experienced doctor and paramedical staff improve the mode of transportation for transferring the patients and also provide a lead to the emergency dispatch management unit.

Now our ground ambulance will arrive and provide on-site primary medical care and try to transfer or shift the patient to the nearest hospital so that it will be able to help to preserve the golden hour of the patient.

Now in the next step ground ambulance will be able to transfer the emergency seeker to the predetermined Helicopter Landing zone.
Now with the help of air ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue the patients will be brought to the nearest hospital for providing immediate care from the closest landing zone.

Now in the next time, you need to pay the cost of air Ambulance Service to the service provider according to per hour basis.

Best Train & Air Ambulance India?

First of all, the most important factor that motivates you to choose for train ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue is its cost which is considered too much less expensive than any other train ambulance services provided by different service providers for long-distance ground transportation of the patients.

We are known for providing a stress-free environment to the patient and are well equipped with medical staff and other Technology so that the patient will be able to travel without posing much stress and be able to get emergency services whenever the need arises.

All the patients who are transported from rail ambulance services are escorted by a trained and professional medical team of doctors and paramedical so that they will be able to oversee the patients along the way.

Moreover, the train ambulance services provided by Lakshya rescue is much safer than the road transportation as there is a risk-free environment provided by us to the patient along with the dedicated team of medical staff.

Along with regular patients, all those patients who are on high oxygen demand or ventilator and considered to be critically ill can easily be transferred by our train ambulance services. And if you talk about its cost then it is considered to be much cheaper than any other mode of transport of patients.

Why choose us for Train & Air Ambulance?

Let’s discuss some of the salient features provided by Lakshya rescue that helps you to opt for air and train ambulance services provided by them.

We are known for providing a total bed to bed services to our clients.

During the transfer of the patient from one place to another we are having a channel of the medical team of staff who are connected to oversee the patient.

We are known for providing reliable services at a very affordable cost.

We are providing 24/7 services and that is why you can call us anytime whenever an emergency arrives.

We send our medical team along the way which is well equipped with Para Medical technicians, MD doctors and other equipment.

At the time of booking, we tell actual cost and there is no hidden charges or extra charges involved after booking of air or train ambulance from us.