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Why Choosing Air Ambulance Services In Silchar Can Be The Best Option To Go For?

People nowadays prefer air transportation as it saves time and one can reach their destination place in few hours. This is the same in the case of a medical emergency; people prefer air ambulance based on its price. We at Lakshya Rescue are known for offering air ambulance services in Silchar to our rich patients at affordable prices.

Our air ambulance services involve more than mere transportation. We act as a health service provider under emergency situations. Our company Lakshya Rescue that deals with air ambulance services in Silchar, Assam and New Delhi work as per the industry standards

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Air ambulance as per safety standards in Silchar

We hold outstanding safety records and one can be best assured of our services due to our annual safety edits, safety standards, and accreditation by CAMTS, safety audits and more. We can best help you with the air ambulance service in Silchar which one can use for medical evacuation.

Our emergency air ambulance is configured best like an ICU. You will find a paramedic and expert nurse that takes care of all our patients and offer a bedside service. As soon as our patient is on the plane, they can feel safe as they are in our safe hands.

Once our emergency air ambulance lands, there is another ambulance that waits for our patients, we as a team stay with our patients until they arrive at their medical facility. Our air ambulance services cover all the bases.

Well-equipped air ambulance transportation Silchar to Delhi, Mumbia

When selecting our air ambulance services Silchar, you can be sure of various things as we state all our benefits when you choose us for an emergency air transfer via our air ambulance. Our aircraft is certified by FAA, we have our aircraft pressurized, include a medical director and even evacuate from the international destinations too.

On the other hand, our train ambulance services in Silchar can also infatuate you. Our train ambulance service is affordably priced and we help all our patients with domestic emergency transfers on the ground easily.

Our train and air ambulance are well-equipped with a phone that can be used for consulting doctors, includes a satellite device on a plane and allows accommodating at least one family member for accompanying patients without asking for additional payments.

We are known for offering everyone the non-emergency and emergency air medical transport, organ procurement transportation, medical repatriation, and even transport organ transplant medical patients

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Quick medical transport in Silchar Assam

We can best help everyone in transporting emergency patients to and from rehab centers, hospitals and even from the private residences. Our medical transport also has crew which consists of a trained nurse, respiratory therapist, paramedic and other experts that can best help in emergency situation

Our both train and an air ambulance is equipped well with the following medical equipment as,

  • Medications
  • Ventilators
  • Oxygen
  • Medical base and stretcher
  • Multi-channel IV pumps and a lot more.

If anytime you feel that you need medical assistance from our experts, you can immediately call us for medical transport services where we promise to deliver the best medical care facilities to all our emergency patients 24 x 7.