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If you need long-distance and safe medical transportation which is cheaper and better than contact us at Lakshya Rescue. We can be the right choice for you for the air ambulance, rail ambulance, and road ambulance.

Our service of train medical transportation in Sikkim is ideal for transferring any patient anywhere. Our train ambulances are medically equipped for supporting the safe transportation of all the patients.

Hassle-free booking process

Apart from handling medical arrangements and patients for the train ambulance, we look after the ground travel from the railway station for patients. The booking of our train ambulance is dependent on the Indian railway schedule & seat availability.

Our train ambulance is a great option for money-saving when the time is not a concern for you and mainly when the condition of the patient needs them to lie down. Our go-to ambulance services can save you valuable time during emergencies.

Our patients are well accompanied by the members of the medical team and they can travel in First class or second class trains. Our company called Lakshya Rescue has come up with an amazing solution and plans a quick, safe, easy and comfortable shift for all the emergency patients from one place to another.

, international air ambulance services

Emergency air ambulance services Sikkim

Trained medical crew on-board

We are the pioneer service provider of emergency ambulance services Sikkim and offer the extensive facilities with the comprehensive medical setup which includes ICU and well-experienced crew for safely transferring the patients through commercial plane and charter.

Our ambulance services are available in almost all the remote cities to metropolitan cities and abroad. From us, you can get the best facilities which include the easy and safe shift of the patients from anywhere in India. Therefore, availing our emergency ambulance services can promise you quick transportation at the best prices.

Dedicated Air ambulance services in Sikkim

On the other hand, our air ambulance services Sikkim to Delhi are dedicated to treating the patients as is they are our members of own family. We handle and arrange all the details which are associated with transport. We are the arduous and strategic preference for many.

Hire Road ambulance services in Sikkim

The members of our team are dedicated to offering a supreme level of medical care at the lowest price possible. You can hire us as the trusted and reliable road ambulance services in Sikkim that offers complete medical care services.

Available 24 x 7

With our services, all our patients can be transported anywhere in a hassle-free way. Our ambulance services are packed well with the ICU equipment and available for 24 hours. Our road ambulance service plays an important role in transferring patients from one hospital to another, designations and home with high-end care.

We can promise you special care and attention for emergency ambulance services. Thus, if you need a road ambulance on an emergency basis in Sikkim or Delhi, feel free to contact us as our devoted team can manage and care for the patients throughout the whole journey and we can help you with a hassle-free booking process too.

Get in touch with us today as we are capable enough in transporting a patient anywhere, anytime.