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The Air Ambulance is one of the fastest expanding in the world in the Subcontinent. Operating services on both national and international flights on an emergency and non-emergency basis.

It serves primarily in air, train, and Road ambulance situations in an emergency service. The Air Ambulance Service Near IGI Airport has a broader experience in patient transport across states or countries.

The team knows their areas best. Trained aviators are the fundamental theme behind all ventures in the air ambulance. Use the intellectual capacity and brain intelligence for the well-being and effective transition of the patients.


Book Air Ambulance at IGI Airport at Affordable Cost

The Lakshya Rescue team is comprised of doctors, paramedics, people whose experience in the healthcare area provides a high level of service and assistance.

The services range from clinical escorts to commercial aviation service, through chartered flights, to the evacuation of hospitalized patients in India and overseas.

There are three main aspects of an air ambulance

  • A fixed-wing aircraft
  • A qualified and experienced doctor
  • The medical equipment

What is an Air Ambulance Services at IGI?

Air Ambulance is the most fast, safe, and time-saving way to move patients who have become seriously ill from their source to the destination affordably and inexpensively.

The air ambulance service at IGI Airport Delhi is fully equipped with ICU facilities to ensure that patients get safe and successful treatment during or before their destination is reached.

Despite the patient’s condition and where it is supposed to be shifted, Lakshya Rescue will do its utmost to move those patients to a safer location as soon as possible. Air Ambulance includes a hospital bed stretcher on board.

Who is on board the aircraft at IGI Airport?

To ensure that the patient on board is given appropriate medical treatment onboard each emergency flight, medical professionals, and paramedics depending on the case to case. Comprehensive education for emergency rescue, safety operations have been given to both doctors and paramedics.

Lakshya Rescue squad comprises surgeons and paramedics with a long tradition of treating adverse medical conditions. It consists of a cardiologist, neurologist, researcher, orthopedic, specialist for emergency care, respectively.

How does this service work?

After receiving the call and information about a patient’s medical condition for aircraft, the Air ambulance service at IGI Airport informs/alerts the medical team that reviews the patient’s medical history and draws up an Action Plan.

After Final approval by the family hospital, they will be at your city or a hospital in an hour to collect the patient then board the ICU aircraft to move the patient in or out of the country or state.

They also organize ground hospital facilities in many locations to move patients to airports from the hospital.