When your loved one is critically ill, you would not want to face any hassle while shifting them to a hospital facility where they are better-taken care of. To ensure a smooth transfer from one location to another, people nowadays prefer to book Train and air ambulance in Asansol. Train travel offers arrangements for a seamless and enjoyable journey. The person receiving treatment most urgently needs these services. The Lakshya Rescue crew is committed to offering the best possible medical care. They connect every city in India, offering rail ambulance services. As a reputable and innovative facilitator of air & train ambulance rides, Lakshya Rescue offers critical healthcare transport solutions throughout the country.

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Why choose Lakshya Rescue Train and air ambulance?

  • Healthcare professionals

The emergency physician and skilled paramedics make up Lakshya Rescue’s ambulance crew. Over the whole expedition, they will accompany the patient as they travel. The healthcare professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They have extensive and reliable experience in transporting patients with emergency healthcare needs. Lakshya Rescue makes sure its team is committed to serving its clients in every capacity. If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable Train and air ambulance in Asansol, connect with the team of Lakshya Rescue or visit the website to know more.

  • Ambulance is fitted with emergency healthcare devices

Nobody knows when an emergency may occur while travelling with a critically ill patient. The ambulance should always be prepared and remain updated with the latest equipment and emergency kits. Lakshya Rescue doctors will be equipped with all the necessary life-sustaining tools, including 24-hour emergency gear, oxygen tanks, breathing apparatus, monitors, vacuuming machines, syringe pumping systems, along infusion pumps to assist them. Whether you choose to go via rail or air ambulance, the patients and their family’s comfort and needs are addressed as the priority.

  • Reservation details

The Lakshya Rescue crew has to know between two and three days in advance to plan for the necessary transportation, particularly a train reservation. Patients may travel with up to two accommodating carers. Reservations are contingent upon train and available seats. To ensure a smooth transition from one place to another, the Lakshya Rescue team works dedicatedly with the railway and airway departments. Once they receive the information of an upcoming emergency transit, the staff constantly keep in touch with the required department to get confirmed seats with available facilities.

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