Those in need can get easily accessible, dependable, and superior medical care from Lakshya Rescue. Their dedication to this objective has helped us grow over many years to turn into India’s top supplier of emergency response services. The group now has an impressive number of thousands of emergency vehicles and a significant national presence. Consequently, they guarantee that they are constantly available to provide their services.

Why choose Lakshya Rescue?

  • They recognize how critical it is for hospitals to have an effective crisis management system in operation. For this reason, they provide a variety of services to assist hospitals in giving their clients the best treatment possible.
  • There are special procedures in place at Lakshya Rescue for the transportation of patients with conditions that are infectious. To stop the transmission of illness, this involves using personal safety gear, or PPE, and specialized cars with pressure relief systems. Personnel with training and experience in managing instances of infectious diseases operate both their Air and Train ambulances in Bankura.
  • When there is a humanitarian or refugee crisis, they transfer patients who need medical assistance. The group offers critical health transportation. They comply with medical crises in a variety of locations, such as war zones and crises.
  • Their staff will work with your insurance company to arrange the invoicing and help the patient confirm insurance coverage.
  • The kind of emergency vehicle and the distance it travels determine how much using a rescue vehicle will cost. Clear estimated expenses will be sent to you by their staff before the booking is confirmed.
  • Patients are transported by Lakshya Rescue to healthcare facilities located distant from the immediate vicinity. Their ambulances are capable of transporting patients across large distances. The group will help arrange the transfer to the patient’s medical requirements.