We at Lakshya Rescue are having long years of experience in offering various ambulance services to our patients around. Our services include train ambulance, air ambulance, road ambulance, emergency ambulance and others that are well-equipped with advanced life support and basic life support systems.

We as an experienced service provider for air ambulance services in Bangalore; we take pride in exceeding all expectations for all our clients around the world. Our advanced services are available at low costs.

Air Ambulance Chennai

Advanced air emergency ambulance

On the other hand, as you know, India known as the most populated country and our places like Bangalore, Chennai and even Chandigarh are densely populated. These places have witnessed great development across various sectors.

Similarly, our medical facilities have improved to a higher level where we offer high-end medical services to all our patients. Our air ambulance services Chennai can fulfill well the growing demands of patients.

With the increase in population, the need to have advanced emergency ambulance is felt by many. This is the reason, we have come up with the solution of air ambulance which allows a patient to be transferred to the best hospital in no less time.

In comparison to different companies that render these ambulance services, we at Lakshya Rescue have succeeded in gaining grand success in very little time. It is the endless effort of our team members, the commitment and dedication for delivering amazing services and happiness to all the users around.

Cost-efficient train ambulance

All these things have made us the one-stop choice among a large number of users not only in Bangalore, Chennai or Chandigarh but also across whole India. We can best help you in gaining the premium road ambulance services at an affordable cost.

One can avail of all our train ambulance services Chandigarh which is offered by our most reliable, experienced and dedicated service providers. The best part, we are insured and licensed.

Train Ambulance Services in Bangalore

Our emergency train ambulance is well-equipped with state of art medical equipment and staff too. We are the ones that specialize in neo-natal, medical escorts, pediatric teams, and others. Our train ambulance services are best for all the patients that want an affordable ambulance service.

24 x 7 emergency ambulances

Our train ambulance service is cost-effective and best as compared to others. The patients that prefer going to the hospital via our train ambulance can be assured of our services as we promise caring, prompt and dependable train transportation for all your medical needs.


No matter, whether you need basic life support or an advanced life support service from us, our 24 x 7 emergency ambulance services can make all the important arrangements for you as a patient for safe arrival.

So what are you waiting for? If you or your loved one or family need an emergency care service, then call us today for emergency ambulance services that can best suit your needs and can fulfill all your requirements in budget. Call us now for the booking of our emergency ambulance.

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