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Patients in India who are suffering from life-threatening conditions can take advantage of the air ambulance services that are offered by Lakshya Rescue air ambulance. These services are provided by good aircraft that can provide a prompt response and can even save lives. We have successfully carried hundreds of critically ill patients to sophisticated multi-speciality hospitals located in other states, all the while providing life-saving clinical treatment on board with our trained medical professionals. When compared to conventional ambulances, the Air ambulance service in Tata Nagar is both more cost-effective and faster. Patients who need transportation inside the city boundaries of India often pay a fee that ranges from around 5,000 to 20,000 rupees to be transported by a private vehicle service. Consider the time & expense it would take to make the journey hundreds or even thousands of kilometres by car during rush hour. Now multiply that by tens of thousands.

On the other hand, if you rely on air and train ambulances then it will provide an additional advantage as it takes the patient to the hospital in less time as operates at a higher speed. All of our air and train ambulances are well equipped with essential medical equipment and other facilities so that the patient does not have to suffer from any problems and they can easily be shifted to the desired place. Our air and train ambulance services offer convenient shifting and travelling of the patients.


Why should you choose us as your Air ambulance service provider in Tata Nagar?

  • All the services related to air and train ambulances provided by Lakshya rescue are very affordable as well ascost-effective. Not only just that, but also we are known for offering very reasonable charges for shifting the patients from one place to another.
  • We are having a team of trained and professional staff that are always present in our air and train ambulance. They are very qualified in the medical field and that is why they will be able to handle any situation efficiently and effectively. Lakshya is considered to be as one of the most trustworthy air and train ambulance service providers in Dhanbad.
  • We are known for offering the best services and within the shortest period, we will arrive at the destination as we are known for offering the fastest air and train ambulance services to the patience of Dhanbad and the nearby region. So at any point in time, if you want to contact us feel free to call our toll free number as we are always ready to serve the need of our clients.