Do you require an air ambulance for a patient or a loved one? The award-winning Lakshya Rescue air medical flight squad at Air AmbulancePhoenix AZ elevates your patient satisfaction.

Our comprehensive medical flight services include the following:

  • Air ambulance service for clients relocating from one medical facility to another, either between Phoenix and other cities across the United States, Mexico or nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Skilled pilots with multitudes of flight hours under their belts, in addition to a team doctor with exhaustive emergency and ICU experience, which include geriatric, neonatal, paediatric, and disaster specialisations.
  • Bed-to-bed provider, which involves coordinating transportation services, facility-to-facility guidelines, medical care on your flight, and constant communication with family and friends.
  • Long-distance transportation of elderly parents to a new destination, whether to be closer to loved ones or a long-term treatment centre.
  • Medical escort solutions for non-critical and older people on passenger airlines to or from Phoenix, AZ and nearby areas.

Lakshya Rescue can provide the services required for the most urgent situation and non-emergency medical airlines, whether you or a loved one requires transport to another facility to seek medical attention elsewhere or has been injured during an accident.

People frequently associate air ambulance flights with emergencies. While this is an important element of medical airlines, it is not the only one. Many patients can use Lakshya Rescue to routine non-emergency air ambulance to or from Phoenix or anywhere in the world. Lakshya Rescue can transfer you or a loved one on one of our highly specialised aircraft, or we can offer additional medical personnel to complement you on a passenger plane, which is often a much less expensive solution.

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The following services are offered by Lakshya Rescue:

  • Commercial Airline Stretcher
  • Flights for critical care with Air Ambulance
  • Worldwide Air Ambulance
  • VIP Medical Air Ambulance
  • Organ transport
  • Medical escort

Lakshya Rescue aspires to deliver the highest quality of medical care in the air ambulance industry by utilizing the finest medical, technical, and aerospace resources that are available, all while choosing to focus on client and aviation security. Our objective is to offer an effortless bedside-to-bedside patient transfer, which involves reaching the patient’s health insurer to confirm available air ambulance perks to reduce the economic strain of this medical crisis.

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