What is an Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulances are specially equipped aircraft carefully designed with a stretcher in 6 place of a portion of passenger seating. Patients remain under the watchful eye of a highly trained medical crew. They will provide specialised medical equipment, a full assortment of patient specific drugs and medications to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of you or your loved one. Additional seating is available to allow family members to accompany patient on flight. “You can also say it is like flying intensive care units”.

Who needs an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are effective when the patient needs to travel long distance and they clue to the stress and security issues associated with commercial airports will benefit need specialized medical care. In addition, the elderly who cannot travel commercially from our air ambulance service.

Can you take patients anywhere?

Yes, our air ambulances provide air ambulance transfers domestically and Cr internationally to all continents of the world.

Can you provide International Air Ambulance evacuations?

Yes, we provide air ambulance transfers domestically and internationally to all continents of the world. We have an in-depth partner qualification process that allows us to provide strategically located aircraft and medical teams to control cost and provide professional service for your patient, while maintaining the highest level of medical care, nearest to the patient.